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/Grow eBook (epub)

The CEO’s Master Playbook for Coaching Value into Existence.

It is possible to transform your large, existing organization into a player that adapts fast, moves fast and grows fast. It is possible for your company to play an even bigger role in the world than it does today. Especially during this era of exponential change. A new strategy alone won’t be enough to get the job done. You must masterfully coach value into existence with unprecedented speed. This will take some serious design work on your part. The /grow framework guides you through the five key elements that drive value agendas and, ultimately, growth.

How do you design a sustainable, adaptive, profitably growing company that can thrive tomorrow? What principles and practices will deliver profitable growth over the long term? Sandy has captured the design work and hte unique contributions of the CEO and their leadership team necessary to make these happen in this invaluable book.

Allan Mulally