CHRO ROUNDTABLE: Balancing Innovative Thinking with Performance-Driven Strategies

January 10th, 2023 | Webinar hosted by Hein Knaapen



This CHRO Roundtable webinar, hosted by Hein Knaapen, features Joydeep Mutsuddi and Paulo Pisano as guests. The discussion focuses on balancing innovative HR strategies with performance-driven approaches. Key topics include impact on company performance, contracting and alignment with business needs, the role of HR in strategy formulation, and the importance of adaptability in volatile business environments. The conversation also delves into specific challenges in HR, like managing teams, prioritizing initiatives, and linking HR strategies to value creation for companies.

Conversation Highlights:

  1. Introduction and Overview of HR Challenges [00:00:00] - [00:03:00]

  2. Creating Impact on Company Performance [00:03:00] - [00:11:00]

  3. Contracting, Accountability, and Leadership Engagement [00:11:00] - [00:19:00]

  4. Challenges in HR: Managing Teams and Prioritizing Initiatives [00:19:00] - [00:27:00]

  5. HR's Role in Strategy Formulation and Organizational Design [00:27:00] - [00:35:00]

  6. Adaptability in Volatile Business Environments [00:35:00] - [00:43:00]

  7. Linking HR Strategies to Value Creation and Business Performance [00:43:00] - [00:51:00]

  8. Closing Remarks and Future Directions for HR [00:51:00] - [00:53:12]